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Perfume Tips – What You Need To Know

Wearing perfume is one thing, but knowing how to wear it correctly is something else. Mastering different perfume tips can go a long way in helping you achieve a lot from the perfume. For instance, if you learn to wear perfume correctly, it will last long plus you will also be able to achieve the desired fragrances.

Tips to use your perfume

Spray perfume, don’t rub

Perfumes are supposed to be sprayed and not rubbed. To attain the most from your perfume, you are supposed to sprPerfumeay it on the body. When you spray your perfume, you allow molecules to spray evenly in the body, and this means that fragrances are spread evenly over the body. This is quite different from rubbing perfume. When you rub perfume on your body, only some molecules are spread, and this means you may not achieve the intended fragrances.

Areas to apply perfume

This is another trick that can be very helpful when applying perfume. Always use perfume on the pulse areas. These are the specific areas of your body where you can feel your pulse. Such areas include areas like around the wrists, behind your ears, at the base of your throat and other pulse areas. It is believed that apply perfume on these areas makes it last longer.

Make sure your skin is moisturized

It is always advisable to apply perfume on moisturized skin. Always make it a routine to moisturize your skin before using the perfume. Wearing perfume should be the last thing before you wear your clothes. This is not just a myth. Research has shown that perfume on a moisturized skin last longer compared to perfume used on dry skin. Maybe it is because oils on the skin hold the perfume longer.

Store you perfume correctly

A perfume thaPerfume 2t is stored in the correct manner will always last longer because the fragrances are well secured. Using a spray bottle is the best way to ensure that your perfume is well stored and protected. A spray bottle protects your perfume from evaporation. Make sure you keep your perfume away from humidity and direct sunlight.

Don’t forget your hair

Many people tend to forget about the hair when using the perfume. It is pointless to wear perfume on your body and forget your hair. To keep your hair smelling good like the rest of your body, spray some perfume on your hairbrush. This will ensure your hair feels great too.…