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Best Tips For Cleaning your Leather Handbag

An elegant leather handbag does a great deal on enhancing your beauty and also complimenting your outfit when properly used. Leather Hand bags are prone to daily wear and tear that leaves them dirty. You need to maintain it in good shape to ensure their value for money and keep it as good as new.

Cleaning leather handbags

1. Wipe the stain with a damp, clean clothWipe the stain with a damp, clean cloth

If it’s not a stubborn stain, then you should consider using a clean damp cloth. All you have to do is to keep rubbing the area until the stain has disappeared.

You can then use a dry cloth to wipe out the remaining stain traces and moist. This is a perfect method for cleaning your leather handbag if the stain is a simple material like soil.

2. Use alcohol to clean heavy stain

Heavy stains such grease and oil will require special treatment to get them off the bag. The best method of dealing with this kind of stain is by the use of rubbing alcohol. You need to have a cotton swab, dip it into the rubbing alcohol and start rubbing the stain. Keep rubbing the area until the stain disappears from the leather handbag.

3. Clean deep stain with paste

Deep stains such as food, wine and blood should be cleaned differently from others. These stains should be cleared off your leather handbag with pastes that are satisfied to avoid damaging your precious leather. You can make your homemade paste and it will be exemplary well for these pastes.

A mixture of one part tartar with a lemon juice can make a perfect paste for clearing such stains. Apply the paste over the stain and let it sit for at least ten minutes: then wipe it off. The stain will have disappeared, and all you have to do next is drying the handbag.

4. Consider Cleaning leather handbagsbuffing the bag with dry cloth

Buffing the bag regularly helps a lot in maintaining not only its cleanliness but also the texture and the shine to the bag. Do it regularly as much as you can to keep the bag always as good as new.

These are the main tips that you can to ensure that you leather bag’s care is maintained. Make sure that you’re treating each stain using the right leather cleaning method to avoid destroying your bag. If the stain becomes stubborn, it will be advisable to seek professional services.…