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Choosing the Best Hoodie for Outdoor Sports

Working out outdoors exposes ourselves to sunlight and wind breeze. To some people, it might not be an issue, but to the others who are sensitive to sunburn and dust, a hoodie means protection. Besides its function, a hoodie also fits perfectly with the street style. Anyone who is into the style should never miss working out outdoor without a hoodie.

Function over form

Outdoor RunningWhen choosing a hoodie for working out, you do not want hoodies that keep you warm, like winter hoodies. Gym hoodies are mostly made of polyester, cotton, spandex or the combination of the three. Polyester is basically plastic. But don’t worry, it still allows air to circulate. Cotton is organic material that absorbs sweat and ventilates air very well. You will normally find work-out shirts use the very same material. Spandex is unbeatable with its stretchy quality. It offers superior mobility and agility to the wearer.

The first thing you must consider is what kinds of sport you usually do. Cardio means a lot of sweating, and a cotton hoodie will not be a wise choice. Because the material absorbs sweat, your hoodie might get soggy once you train intensely. Instead, you need to look for gym hoodies which are made of a combination fabric of cotton-and-polyester, or polyester-and-spandex. Find one on up clothing line. The site offers neutral colors for a gym hoodie, such as grey and black.

When you love to do tracking, pick a hoodie that can protect you from the weather. There are water-resistant hoodies on the market, and our best pick is Arcteryx Norvan SL.

Size that matters

Outdoor ExerciseThe key to comfortable sportswear is at the size. People might argue that a tight-fitting hoodie is the best for outdoor exercise, but that is not always the case. If you are on a weight-loss program, a tight hoodie will not show any muscles but flaps. Avoid such an embarrassing outlook and buy a hoodie that does not exaggerate the fatty parts you are going to burn. But if you are comfortable enough with your build, getting a slim-fit hoodie can boost your confidence.

The simple rule for determining whether a hoodie fits or not is by measuring the excess part on the lower part. If the hoodie is longer than your hips, it is too large. And if the hoodie is slightly above the hips, it is too small. Also, pay attention to the size of your shoulders and arms. Slim-fit hoodies are not for people with beefy arms. And if you have long arms, it is better for you to get a sleeveless hoodie. A sleeveless hoodie balances your skinny appearance.

Washing Guide

Laundry SymbolWhen you wash a sports outfit, be sure that you follow the washing guide. Some materials must not contact warm water unless you want them to overstretch, while with some others, you cannot use bleaching cleaner. Spandex shrinks over time, and that is why it is commonly mixed with polyester or cotton. Cotton must not be washed in warm water, and you shall not bleach polyester shirts.…