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The Most Overlooked Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics and Toiletries

Today, there are many types of cosmetics and toiletries for a wide range of purposes, from face contouring, eyelashes enhancement, eyeshadow accentuation, lips highlighting, to teeth whitening. But believe it or not, the ingredients in the available beauty products have not all been regulated appropriately.

It is true that it would be unwise to say that a product can be entirely chemical-free because that is not how chemistry works. All substances on Earth have their chemical formula, and one can be toxic only when it surpasses the safe limit of usage.

Find out more about those potentially harmful chemicals that you can easily find in either cosmetics or toiletries.

Petrol, or coal-tar based artificial coloring

carmineIt is safe to argue that cosmetic products are all about colors. One product that has the strongest intensity of this substance is hair dye.

FDA has mandated to hair dye manufacturers who use coal-tar coloring additive to include a warning statement on their products. It commonly says that the product has ingredients which are potentially causing allergy and skin irritation, and must not be applied for coloring either eyelashes or eyebrows.

People who are sensitive to coal-tar hair dye can suffer hair loss and scalp skin irritation. The symptoms may not appear immediately, but prolonged and frequent exposure can lead to chronic sensitivity.

You might find the chemical substance in lipsticks as well. But some products have added a portion of a more natural coloring source, such as from Cochineal beetle for achieving the Carmine color.

Dental whitening agent

gumThe most famous dental cosmetic product is teeth whitening kit, basically a mouthguard and bleaching gel. Improper use can lead to chemical burnt on the gum. This procedure needs an expert, and must not be applied independently and without supervision.

The whitening strip is the second most common dental product to enhance teeth color. The strips work by removing the yellowish protective layers from the teeth. As you might have got it just now, that ugly appearance of your teeth does not come from bacteria or parasites, but from your dental defense mechanism against the harmful environment. Read about it more on You can read how organic beauty products can be safer to use daily.

Skin lightening nightmare, Hydroquinone

WhiteningHydroquinone is commonly in found in skin lightening products. The pursuit of lighter skin has been in trend for the last decade, which leads to the high sales rate of hydroquinone. The substance can give instant result after just a few times of appliance because originally it is used to treat people with hyperpigmentation.

To people with normal healthy skin, too much of hydroquinone can result in irreversible skin discoloration. You should think twice if you want to stick to your skin lightening products. And it would be much better if you consult with a dermatologist first.…

Benefits of Hiring a Family Dentist

The role played by a dentist is very important as far as dental health is concerned. Every family should have a family dentist for taking care of their dental issues. This professional is well trained to provide to offer all the different of supports needed by your family members. He or she will ensure that your family’s oral health is good. This will, in turn, help you in saving time and energy spent when visiting the professions from time to time. they are also known for offering friendly dental service.  The following are the many benefits of having a family dentist.

Providing good oral health

oral health

This is the main befit that is obtained from the services of this professional. They have valuable ideas and strategies that are useful in taking care of their client’s teeth. This will prevent your teeth from being infected. You will also be given the precautions that need to be taken to ensure that your teeth are in good condition.

Saving time

This professional will help you and your family members in saving time. The number of hours spent when visiting a dentist will significantly be reduced. You will not need to go for the regal checkups because the hired professional will be appearing on time to ensure that your oral health is checked.

Providing quality oral/dental care

Having a reputable family dentist is helpful in ensuring that you are treated with utmost quality and care. A professional and a reliable dentist can detect issues affecting your family member’s oral health in advance thereby preventing serious conditions from developing. In addition to this, these experts are known for providing the best services.

Saving money

save money

Having a permanent family dentist will greatly help you in saving the cash spent on medical expenses. He or she has a responsibility of ensuring that your teeth are in good condition. This means that you will reduce the money spent on some of the expensive dental treatment procedures.



Tracking the development of your child

The physical exams done by this professional ensures that the child is developing normally. These professional are well trained to handle tiny teeth and young jaws. It is important to remember that the condition of your teeth will always affect your speech as well as the chewing habits.

This professional might even recommend tooth extractions for your kids to ensure that their dental development is on track. He or she might also advocate for Dental sealants. These are helpful in preventing the need for invasive procedures and surgery.…

Top Tips To Get The Best Dental Orthodontist

Kids are the popular dental orthodontist visitors as they seek to have their dental alignments corrected at an early stage, which is easier anyway. However, adults also visit for the same reason, but their cases are a bit difficult. All in all, everyone gets the services they seek if they choose the best orthodontist. This specialty of dental field is sensitive and requires a lot of experience and keen to details. Only the best dental expert like plano orthodontist practice this field. So, if you need a get best orthodontist services either for your kids or yourself, the following tips will assist you.

Tips to get the best dental orthodontist

Do backgrounds check

dental orthodontistIn this case, you are probably doing research to get the best orthodontists around your town. However, this should not limit you to expanding the searches to neighboring states in search for the best. Search engines will give you the best results for comparison. Apart from checking the description of the services various orthodontists offer, you may also check the customer’s feedback reviews. The independent review websites will give you the most legit and trusted reviews to help in the short listing.

Visit the shortlisted orthodontists

A physical visit for consultation will help to fill the gaps of questions you may be having about these experts’ services. Well, some of them may promise heaven and deliver a total opposite, but most likely than not you will get a clue of what to expect. This is the best moment to make a decision. Do not get convinced to settle for less as this can cost you or your kid a fortune.

Consider the expertise

As mentioned earlier, this specialty of dentistry is one of the most sensitive. It is a corrective procedure, and a wrong move can cause permanent damage. Get to know the level of experience the orthodontist has by asking questions during consultation. The overall experts who will be handling your case must have a certain required level expertise without a bargain.

Check the facilities

dental service The available facilities i.e. equipment, tools of work and medications are one of the most crucial things to consider. An orthodontist center without any signs of the right facilities should be avoided. Consider centers which have embraced technology to carry out even the most complicated surgical procedures to increase the chances of better services. The cost may be high when you pick the best facilities, but if they can deliver the best, then this is the best center to select.…