Professional lip Augmentation Services

Professional lip Augmentation Services

Lip augmentation has been around for ages. Ever since, women of all social and ethnic backgrounds have had this procedure done on their lips to alter or define their appearance. A good example would be in Africa where tribal ceremonies were conducted to introduce various materials to the lips that were meant to amend the shapes of the lips. Mostly, the primary intention was to enlarge them.

The treatmentbeauty trend

The procedure seeks to restore the loss of hyaluronic acid or atrophy which is present in the lips. During this procedure, Botox, collagen and at times the patient’s body fat is used to restore the volume and structure of the lips and lower face. There is a need for anesthesia when the procedure is being conducted. As it is known, anesthesia takes a few seconds to check in and makes the entire process almost painless. After the procedure, the effects can last up to six months. However, more injections are needed to keep the volume going.


The process starts by the patient getting a thorough examination of their facial structures. For this to happen, the patient has to spend some time with physician discussing the treatment options and desired results. What the patient wants to achieve is reviewed and the surgeon evaluates the patient in preparation for lip enhancement.

Different people have different facial features and some of the reasons why patients would want the procedure done on them include; some people have had thin lips throughout their lives and would want them enhanced for them to look more “normal” in an artistic symmetry way with the rest of the face. Others only want their lips accentuated to make them more voluminous or full while for others want to get a correction on their lip lines.

The procedure involves; Injections (fat transfer). Autologous fat is taken from another part of the body and injected into the lips. The process is repeated until the lips are of the desired result.

Asmiledvantages of Lip Surgery

  • Some lip injections are temporary, and they can be modified to a patient’s preference
  • Surgical enhancement and implants can provide a permanent solution
  • Quick Recovery period

Lip augmentation services are procedures that are done within a short time. However, the brevity of this process calls for experienced and trained experts in this field. With professionals from  you can never go wrong. Any mistake done can attract lasting consequences.