Basic Steps of a Skincare Routine

Basic Steps of a Skincare Routine

If you go on YouTube and search for vlogs, you will see countless people give you step by step skincare routine to achieve that desired gorgeous skin. They will also list the products that they use, and provide reviews on how effective the product is. It is a bit overwhelming to know the best product for your skin. So it is important to choose a product that your skin reacts best. Some products work great on others, but it does not mean it would work great on you. Now, CBD oil is making quite a buzz on the beauty and skincare market these days. There is a lot of good reviews about it, check out ViveCBD to know more.

So what is the step-by-step process of a daily skincare routine? When it comes to skincare, somehow, Koreans know it best. With all the K-beauty products out there, and they also have the skin to prove it. When you google “Korean skincare routine,” you would see that it is a 10 step process. Doing that every night could be tedious, so there is a basic way to do your daily skincare.

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1. Cleansing

Washing your face is very important. It is the most basic step that you need to do to any skincare routine. Our skin always comes in contact with dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants that should be removed every day. Choosing the right cleanser is also essential. You should choose the right product that feels right for your skin type.

2. Toning

Toners should go right after cleansing. You should apply toner first before putting anything else, as toner is an absorbing liquid that helps remove excess dirt, and correctly balances the pH level of your skin that helps control acne. There are a lot of toning products available in the market. Some toners are alcohol-based and can be stingy when you apply it on your face, but nowadays, toners have since evolved.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizer hydrates and softens your skin. Especially when you have dry skin, or if the weather is really cold, moisturizing your skin is vital. You have to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. There are moisturizers specifically designed for every skin type.

4. Sunscreenapplying toner

You will notice that some products such as moisturizers, primers, or foundations have reinforced UV sunscreen protection. That shows that applying sunscreen every day is important. Experts recommend applying with at least 30 SPF. Sunscreen prevents us from getting skin cancer, develop wrinkles and fine lines.

You can start with these basic steps, and if your skin agrees, you can add more products to your routine. It is also important to know that there are factors outside of a skincare routine that you need to do for healthy skin, such as hydrating, getting enough sleep, and eating right.