All You Need To Know About Your Hair Extensions

All You Need To Know About Your Hair Extensions

After looking at your dream weave and extension, you finally have it and can’t wait to show it off. It’s finally on your head, and the burden of cleaning and caring for it is on your shoulders. Sadly though, most people happen to have misguided notions about hairpieces. It is often a common mistake to think that most of these hair pieces are never cleaned. Others wear these ‘wigs’ for the longest time without cleaning or shampooing it. The argument behind this acts is that it’s not real hair and doesn’t deserve all this attention.

If anything, the hairpiece is only there to grace the head. This informative article will shed light on the right ways on how to care for your hair. We’ll go through and see where most mistakes are made. In the event that your hairpiece gets damaged, it’s good to see how soon to replace or have it checked out. Getting an extension is a huge responsibility that should be taken seriously.

How to clean and care for your hairpiece

It’s not healthy to have a dirty hairpiece on your head. This is especially so if you have to wear it on a daily basis. If you are the type whose job entails moving from place to place, you need quality shampoo.


Here are some of the factors that play a major role in ensuring your hair extensions hygiene;

1. The products you use for your hair are important.

Make sure you make a selection of only the best products in the market. Most of us are only wooed by the tantalizing smells and classy labels. The track records of these products, as well as comments from the clients, should guide you. When buying these products for the first time, you need to be extra cautious and properly guided.

2. The shampoo you use will determine the general appearance of your hair extension.

You shouldn’t wash it while it’s still on your head. Take it off and wash it in a sink with an appropriate faucet. Don’t allow it to come into contact with warm water before you brush it. This practice will give you easy time as it helps in combating tough knots that prove impossible at times. Pour the shampoo onto your hands then rub it onto the extensions as you brush it with your hair.

3. Cleanse it with clean, warm water then dry it gently with a dry towel.

Use a conditioner of your choice to help it regain its shiny and lively look.

Styling your hairpiece

wigsNot everyone is gifted in this area. Most of us can boldly admit that we’d rather have a stylist do it for us. The truth is that it’s not that hard and only requires nothing but dedication and precision.

Once you’ve followed all of the above steps, your styling efforts will pay up. If you’d opt for having it styled by an expert, ensure that they are licensed to do so.

Styling your hair piece also requires you to be consistent and constant. Pick a style that will suit the shape of your face.