Pointers for Healthier Nails

Pointers for Healthier Nails

They say that nails reflect the overall personality of a person. People with clean nails are more organized and give importance to their hygiene while dirty nails may not speak well of a good image when it comes to the cleanliness of a person. And beautiful nails? Do they also mean a beautiful persona?

Nails are extensions of our skin. And so, they should also get the care we accord to our skin. From home care to skin products and professional skin care treatments, we do everything we can to be able to retain that youthful and flawless skin. Our nails may not require many of the procedures that we do to our skin, yet we should know how to care for them to complement our good-looking skin.

Moisturize Your Nails

Just as our skin needs moisture, our nail beds and cuticles also need it. This will avoid breakage of our nails and will make cuticles smoother and softer. Dry cuticles and nails that are easy to crack, chip or split indicate lack of moisture. We can prevent these through regular application of an oil-based cream on our nail beds.

fingersWear Gloves When Washing Clothes

Detergents can do damage to your nails. Prolonged exposure to dishwashing liquids and soaps can dry your nails from their natural moisture because of some chemicals that they contain. If you can wash your dirty fabrics with rubber gloves up to your elbows, then you should. But for some people who are not comfortable with gloves while handwashing clothes and dishes, rubbing moisturizers on the nail beds and cuticles before and after can be the best remedy to prevent drying of the nails.

Avoid Unhealthy Nail Cleaning Habits

Most of us have nail care kits at home that we use to clean our own nails to save on time and money. Knowing to use them properly will avoid damaging our nails. Use fine nail files rather than coarse emery boards. Don’t try to manipulate cuticles as they may open up to infections. Having a small nail cutter on our bags when traveling is advisable, so we can cut broken nails properly when we accidentally break our nails. Without a nail cutter, using our teeth may be an inappropriate remedy.

Use Safe Nail Products

nail colorAcetone is usually used to remove nail polish, but the truth is, using them regularly can make your nails brittle. Nail hardeners may also contain chemicals that are not good for our nails in the long run. You should also learn how to detect products that may contain the banned MMA or methyl methacrylate. MMA is a banned substance in many states because it can cause allergic reactions and severe nail damage. You can spot a nail polish with MMA when it has a noxious odor and when acetone does not easily remove the nail polish from your nails.

Although you may know the right care for your nails, knowing the nail salon that also gives importance to safe and healthy techniques and products will ensure that your nails get the correct treatment when you go for nail enhancements.